Selecting the proper bird seed is something serious birders know, and something you should start practicing as well. Today, there are a variety of seed options to choose from, and what most folks don’t know is some seed on the market today can be quite harmful to your backyard birds.

At Gilligallou, we do our very best to evaluate and offer only the best in seed, feed and products for bird watching enthusiasts. Over the years, we have evaluated many types of seed, and have selected Mill Creek Seed Co. as our house brand of seed. The reason is simple; a healthy non-GMO seed with no filler.

The professionals at Mill Creek have made birdseed their life, and have done extensive research to bring birders specific varieties of seed given their location and probable local bird species. Two such varieties are the Season Urban Bird Seed, formulated for city-dwelling birds and their Seasons Woodland Seed, which is formulated more specifically for forest and meadow dwelling bird species.


Seasons Urban Bird Seed                                                                 

As with any of Mill Creek’s “seasons” seed selections, this is a seasonally adjusted bird seed. This seed will give your birds a higher protein content in the spring and summer months, and adjust to a more balanced carbohydrate focused mixed as we move into the colder fall and winter months. During egg producing seasons, this seed blend is also enriched with calcium to give your birds what they need to help them successfully raise healthy young.

Seasons Woodland Bird Seed

Mill Creek’s research on specific species that typically make forested areas and open meadows their home, has helped them formulate their Seasons Woodland seed blend. This seed, as the name suggests, is also a seasonally adjusted bird seed. Given the different needs throughout the year such as migration, breeding, and the differing weather conditions, this seed is altered accordingly. In the spring, for example, 32 ingredients are combined to accumulate the highest possible nutritional content possible for your birds.


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