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Bird feeder setups have never been easier! Create a custom bird feeder setup with an Erva pole system. With best-selling bird feeder poles and accessories, Erva products make it easy to customize. Erva's high-quality and durable poles, baffles, toppers, hooks, shepherd hooks, bird baths and more to create a backyard birding oasis. No longer do you need to hang your bird feeders from trees! With a totally customizable setup from Erva, you can create a bird feeder pole system anywhere. Create the backyard and garden setup of your dreams with systems for every situation from squirrel proofing, hanging multiple bird feeders, hanging flower pots and all other backyard birding and gardening setups. Erva products are manufactured from high-quality metals in the United States and stand the test of time - even in the cold Canadian winters! Proudly made in the USA, Erva products have been leading the industry for backyard and garden tools for over 50 years. We carry an extensive collection of Erva's high-quality and durable backyard birding and gardening products. With in-depth guides, how-to-set-up videos, and friendly knowledgeable service, we are here to help create the perfect Erva pole system for you and your backyard birding and garden needs. Shop online for Erva pole systems and custom bird feeder pole systems from your local Canadian backyard birding specialty store.