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Meet our best-selling non-GMO, highly nutritional, pesticide-free, bird seed for all your backyard birding needs! All our bird seed is custom-made to suit a variety of birds, seasons, and locations. Made right here in Ontario Canada by Mill Creek Seed Co, the bird seed blends carried here at Gilligallou Bird are based on the study of birds, using 100% seed. Our bird seed is always non-GMO, pesticide-free, and made with no fillers, no weed seed, no grass seed, and no wheat seed. The goal is to bring back a very high bird seed value to your birds, open a wider variety of species to your backyard, and give our clients the best value and enjoyment from their bird seed purchase. Choose from a variety of non-GMO bird seeds for every feeder and bird. We carry loose bird seeds such as black oil sunflower bird seed, nyjer bird seed, safflower bird seed, hulled sunflower bird seed, and more. Along with our loose bird seed, we also carry a variety of bird seed blends from seasonal bird seed to specialty formated bird seed for urban areas, woodland areas, gardens, cardinal bird seed blends and more. With our bird seeds, you can feel confident that you are feeding the wild birds in your backyard and garden seed that is high in nutritional value and right for them Shop online and in-store for non-GMO bird seed and bird seed blends from your local Canadian backyard birding specialty store.