our story

why non-gmo?

After years of experimenting and investigation, we concluded that traditionally, most birdseed found in the marketplace was of poor quality, randomly filled and held a high percentage of filler.  Not only was the majority of seed low in food value for the birds, but it, in turn, was becoming of very poor value to the consumer.

We decided we were going to change that.

The blends carried by Gilligallou Bird are based on the study of birds, using 100% seed.  No fillers, no weed seed, no grass seed, no wheat seed, non-GMO and pesticide-free.  The goal is; to bring back a very high food value to your birds, open a wider variety of species to your backyard, and give our clients the best value and enjoyment from their seed purchase.

Our selection of fresh loose seed blends has been specially prepared to account for the nutritional requirements of birds in our Canadian climate and as we like to say, “Cardinals are red, Blue Jays are blue and all the best seed comes from Gilligallou.”