Oriole Bird Feeders

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Shop oriole bird feeders, specially outfitted to attract orioles to your backyard and gardens. We carry a wide range of premium nectar and jelly oriole feeders. Orioles will flock to your yard when you offer them their own oriole feeder! Jelly and orange slices are best to attract orioles, and our wide range of oriole feeders are equipped with specific ports for jelly, oranges or both. Our various bright orange oriole bird feeders are not only eye-catching in your backyard and gardens but are excellent for attracting orioles as they are drawn to bright colours. Orioles flock to Canada and especially eastern Ontario in the springtime after wintering in the south. While these birds are typically found throughout most of the eastern seaboard, orioles are found and as far west as Alberta and a small portion of British Columbia. They are easy to sport with their unmistakable orange plumage. The Baltimore oriole is the most common and is an excellent bird to attract to your backyard and gardens in the spring as they are pollinators! Shop online and in-store for premium oriole bird feeders to attract orioles to your backyard and gardens from your local Canadian backyard birding specialty store.