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Attract more birds to your backyard and gardens with a bird bath! Shop our wide selection of high-quality bird baths, heated bird baths, and bird bath accessories for your backyard and gardens. Like any other living thing, birds need water to survive and offering a bird bath in your backyard or garden is an excellent way to ensure a wide variety of birds will visit. During the winter, freshwater can be challenging to come by and that’s why we recommend keeping a birdbath in your backyard or garden throughout the colder months as well as the warm ones. For the colder months, the main issue is making sure the water doesn't freeze. Luckily, we have solutions to help with that! Explore our options for keeping water from freezing in the winter with a heated birdbath or a birdbath de-icer. Along with our variety of high-quality and durable bird baths, we also carry a range of birdbath accessories to accompany your birdbath. Get a birdbath or heated birdbath set up in your backyard or garden today. Shop all our birth baths, heated bird baths, and bird bath accessories and products in one spot from your local Canadian backyard birding specialty store.