Nesting Boxes & Bird Houses

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Explore our custom bird boxes, birdhouses, bee houses, bat houses, and nesting boxes to keep all your backyard critters comfy. Birdhouses and bird boxes are a great way to attract more birds to your backyard! Offering birds a safe place to nest and bread is a sure way to attract birds to your yard and bring them back year after year. Along with birdhouses and bird boxes, we also carry bee houses and bat houses which are another great addition to your backyard and gardens. Many of our birdhouse and bird boxes are made locally from reclaimed and recycled materials. We carry a variety of sizes of birdhouses and bird boxes to accommodate many different bird species. Shop birdhouses and bird boxes for cardinals, bats, owls, and more! Shop online and in-store for birdhouses, bird boxes, nesting boxes, bat boxes, bee houses nesting boxing and more from your local Canadian backyard birding specialty store.