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The Unmistakable Courtship Displays of the Common Raven

One of the earliest mating seasons of all the birds here in North America, these birds have already begun the process of selecting a mate. While many birds are polygamous...

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Welcome to 2020 – Here’s What’s Happening in the Birding World and Beyond!

Well folks, we made it into another decade, and we couldn’t be happier to be here. With the holiday season in our rearview, we are in full swing now at...

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New York City Passes the World’s Most Bird-Friendly Building Legislation

Earlier this month, the great city of New York proposed ground-breaking legislation that would change the way we build our buildings but also how we protect our beloved birds. On...

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New Product Announcement – Introducing Council Tools Axes

New Product Announcement – Introducing Council Tools Axes

One of the great gifts of residing here in the Ottawa area is the access we all have to nature. From looking out of the windows of our home and...

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