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Wild Parsnip and How to Safely Eradicate It Without Herbicides

Over the past few years, we have been increasingly made aware of the threats that invasive species of plants, animals and other wildlife have on our natural environment. As part...

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Winter Spotlight – The Downy Woodpecker

Officially the smallest woodpecker in North America, these pint-sized birds are easy to attract and wonderful to have around the yard during all seasons of the year. In fact, they...

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Some of Ontario’s Rare Woodpecker Species

  If you’ve spent any time at all paying attention to hollowed-out tree trunks, seemingly unstoppable hammering or the activity happening around a winter suet cake, you have undoubtedly noticed...

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What to Feed Woodpeckers During the Winter

We began talking about the always-striking pileated woodpecker and in this instalment, will chat about what kind of food you can use in your yard that will guarantee more woodpecker...

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