It’s been a long winter awaiting the arrival of some of our winter birds such as finches.  For most of us, sightings of species such as redpolls, pine siskins and the like were few and far between, despite the fact that our feeders were ready and waiting.

That all being said, there is some positive news on the horizon as sightings are beginning to heat up, particularly here in the Ottawa area.  We haven’t personally had any to our feeders yet, but reports are beginning to flutter in about flocks and redpolls and pine siskins right here in our backyard.

With that in mind, we thought we might as well take the opportunity to discuss a couple of seed options for those of your interested in attracting those winter finches, should they begin to arrive.  Just the same as we featured formulated blends of seeds for seasonal conditions and seed blends formulated for specific species such as cardinals, we also have a pair of blends engineered for our favourite finch species.


Nyjer Seed

Originating in India, but processed and packages here in Ontario, this small, and very fine bird seed is a favourite to many other species in addition to finches.  Given the oily texture of the seed, it is perfect for cold temperatures, giving our birds the necessary diet for creating and retaining heat.


Here in our stores, we carry a black oil nyjer seed product that goes perfectly with our Aspects tube feeders which are designed to ensure the seed receives proper ventilation and remains fresh at all times.

Wild Finch Blend

Wild finch blend is designed specifically for finches. Our blend has ingredients that attract finches with a plethora of tasty ingredients including dried fruit, nyjer seed, wild canary seed and more. Additionally, the size of our ingredients allows free flow through the small portholes in all finch feeders, which makes feeding a breeze.



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