Before we start, make sure that while all of the below ideas are perfectly fine for birds, they are by no means a substitute for seed and regular feeding. The items listed are to be view more as a treat for your birds, and can even be used to help birds with migration when they need that little extra weight to produce energy for their long journey.

If used wisely, the scraps and leftovers right from your own kitchen can be used to help supplement your bird feed selection, and give your feathered friends a treat every now and then. Again, we are not recommending moving your birds to a strict table-scraps diet, as there is an obvious concern as to the health of the birds.

This being said, we have found that some foods and table scraps can be a nutritional food source, and are easily incorporated with a birds’ high metabolic rate without any detrimental effects. During times like nesting, migration and winter, the addition of new food might just be what your birds need.


Here are a few safe ideas for feeding your birds, along with regular seed feeding as well:

Grape Jam & Jelly

This is a favorite among a wide variety of birds, and any brand will likely due. We recommend when possible, a homemade alternative. This removes any preservatives and additives, which naturally will be healthier for the birds. Experiment with other flavours and find out what your birds fancy the most; other favorites include blackberry and orange marmalade.


We all need carbohydrates to continue to stay active and healthy and our busy birds are no exception. Plain pasta or rice is a great item to leave out for your birds, just ensure the rice and pasta are cooked well, is soft and chopped into small enough pieces. Do not put out pasta or rice with any sauces or cheese; simply rinse it before offering it to your backyard birds.

Fruit & Veggies

These are a given, and a big part of the diet for most of your backyard birds. Peas, corn and other canned veggies can be offered to your birds in addition to chopped up fruit and berries.


We wrote an entire article on the benefits of eggshells for birds, read the full article here.

Again, use caution and care when adding household items to your bird’s diet. Make sure the food is healthy, clean used simply as a small addition to your regular offering of non-GMO bird seed.


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