With Mother’s Day behind us (we love you, mom), we are rounding into the midway point on the month of June. Before Summer Solstice hits us, we ought to show Dad our love and appreciation this coming weekend and what better way than with some awesome birding and outdoor gear.

As we are aware, this is the perfect time of year for dad to get outside, organize the yard and take in some of the awesome birding we are so blessed with here in Eastern Ontario. As such, we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite picks for dads (and anyone else for that matter) in a quick last-minute Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Bat Boxes

How important are bats?  Very important!

With populations back on the rise here in North America, these migratory avian friends keep busy under the night sky scooping up bugs and the like. Here in Ontario, we have two main types of bats, the little brown bats and big brown bats. Both are quite widespread now but each has distinct differences, especially when it comes to nesting activities. The smaller bats can often be found congregating in groups of 60 to 100 individuals, while the larger species usually only congregate with one or two others.


Like our birds (read: Wood Ducks), our assistance in habitat creation is a big factor in the success of these wonderful creatures. We proudly carry our cedar wedge bat boxes that can accommodate upwards of 60 bats at once and are a great addition to any property!

Camp Fire Grill

One of our newest products that we are more than happy to represent is our stainless steel campfire grill. Designed and created right here in Canada, this multi-level campfire grill is ideal for any outdoor cooking and is perfect for the nomadic dad that spends his summers outdoors around campfires.


These grills are amazingly sturdy, will not rust and are lightweight (perfect for portage trips!) and can be adjusted to three different cooking positions!


Let’s be honest, Dad’s love feeding the birds and luckily, we have many options. Choose from one of our hand-crafted fly-through feeders, our hummingbird feeders, window feeders or suet feeders.

No matter what aspect of birding or the outdoors dad is in to, we have the options to make this Father’s Day a memorable one!

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