While the function remains relatively the same across all models of these innovative bird feeders, there are some slight differences to take into account when shopping for a squirrel solution to your backyard.

These Canadian feeders are supported by an impressive list of exclusive patents that make them truly a unique addition to the massive bird watching market. We have been supporting this brand since the beginning and as a company, their reciprocal support is nothing short of amazing.

Getting to the point in which you have decided that you are in need of a specific feeder to keep squirrels at bay leaves you with a plethora of choices. Here is a quick guide we use to break each one down to help you along with the process!

Squirrel Buster Standard


A good starting point for any backyard birder, the Standard is a step above the “Mini” model and is great for smaller yards. This economical choice features a chew-proof, rust-proof resin seed tray and can hold up to 2 ½ cups of one of our specially-formulated seed blends.


Squirrel Buster Legacy


Taking another step up over the Standard model, the Legacy is slightly larger in size and is able to accommodate upwards of 1 ½ litres of seed. Additionally, the design of this feeder allows for both perching and clinging birds, bringing a larger variety to your yard.


Squirrel Buster Finch


Just as the name suggests, this specialized model was designed specifically for finch species. It’s long and slender design lends itself to multiple perches with a number of perching areas spread evenly throughout the feeder with matching port holes. Perfect for the winter season, the finch model is sure to keep your backyard busy through all four seasons.


Squirrel Buster Plus


The granddaddy of them all is the Squirrel Buster Plus. The largest of the Squirrel Buster models, it is also our best seller. This feeder can hold up to 3 ½ pounds of seed, allowing for slightly less maintenance on a regular basis. The Plus features thick perches and a number of textures surfaces built for the comfort of our birds. Each of the perches is adjustable and are easily locked into place, giving this feeder another level of customization.


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