If you’ve been paying any attention to us this fall, you are more than aware that we are dialed in to fall and winter birding. With awesome news coming out of this year’s finch forecast, the fall has been filled with excitement and the winter is looking as if it will not disappoint either.

As the irruption begins to work its way south and we are treated to a number of northern birds, there are a number of things we need to keep in mind.

In addition to reliable water sources and the best finch seed and feeders, we also must be mindful of their safety. Spending most of their lives in the far north, many of these finch species are less than accustomed to human presence, especially when it comes to large buildings and windows.

This very fact was thrust into the spotlight earlier this week when our friends at SafeWings Ottawa reported an injured Boreal Chickadee. Rescued by a security guard at the Bank of Canada, this particular bird is wildly uncommon here in the Ottawa area. Last weekend, SafeWings identified two other boreal chickadees that unfortunately succumbed to their injuries after colliding with windows at the same location.

So, What Can We Do?

Plenty, actually! The most effective way of preventing window strikes, especially for out-of-towners is to have the right window decals in place at your home and/or workplace. We carry two different types of decals, both as effective as the other.

Feather Friendly Decals

Designed and engineered by the folks at 3M, Feather Friendly decals are perhaps the most revolutionary window decals on the market today. They are packaged in rolls of 100ft in length and are painlessly easy to apply to any window surface. They allow you to continue to clean your windows as usual and only result in a measly 2 percent reduction in visibility for people on the inside of the window. Outside, however, they act as a bright warning system from the outside, deterring birds from coming anywhere near your windows.

Window Alert Decals

Another wonderful product, these artistically designed decals come in a number of shapes, such as fall foliage and bird silhouettes. Acting much the same as our Feather Friendly decals, the only downside to this product is its shelf life. Unfortunately, these decals are in need of replacement every 6 months or so but still act as a great deterrent when fresh.


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