While many of us look forward to the spring months when our summer birds return from their tropical locales, this time of the year is equally exciting for those of us in tune with winter birding.

Much the same as during the spring months, this time of year brings us an influx of different bird species (depending on the year), instead of from more northern locations. With seed and cone crops at relatively low levels in the north, the late portion of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 are looking very good for winter birders here in the Ottawa area.

With an influx of winter finch species such as pine siskins, redpolls, evening grosbeaks and more, this truly is a wonderful time to take part in backyard birding specifically for these types of birds.

In addition to our winter finch species, winter is a great time to feed and behold many other species such as blue jays, nuthatches, woodpeckers, chickadees and so much more.

As part of our winter finch series here on the Gilligallou Bird Blog, here are some of our favorite options for feeding our beloved finches as the temperatures continue to drop.


How to Offer Finch Seed

Before we get into the specific types of seed for our finches, we first should ensure that we are properly set up to offer them these specific types of seed. Given that most of the seed we offer winter finches is small in size, you will first need to get your hands on one of our finch feeders, also known as silo feeders.

We proudly carry the Aspects line of silo feeders and for good reason. Completely constructed of polycarbonate plastic, these feeders are tough and durable for the cold winter months and are designed to not only keep finches fed but are also designed to be easy to maintain.


Each Aspects silo feeder is equipped with fully vented food ports and is easily detachable from the bottom to allow for quick and easy cleaning.

Types of Finch Seed

We carry a few specific blends for finches and each one will ensure plenty of finches in your yard this winter. While any one seed will attract many different species, we have many customers who will run two or three different blends across a number of feeders, offering the most variety to all different species.

Black Oil Nyjer Seed

What is one of the most popular options for winter finches, black oil nyjer seed is small in size but packs quite a punch nutritionally. Containing both high levels of protein and fat, this seed is perfectly suited for those birds looking to keep warm during cold days and nights.


It’s a must have for any avid finch feeder and is available in 5, 10 and 20-pound bags in our store – larger quantities are available upon request!

Wild Finch Blend

Another popular option is our wild finch blend which also contains a great deal of black oil nyjer seed as well as canary seed, dried cranberry seed and other ingredients formulated for winter birding.


The ingredients are all of a smaller size, allowing for easy flow-through on all of our silo finch feeders.

Nychip Finch Blend

This one is new for 2018 and is quickly becoming one of our best sellers.


This finch blend includes hefty amounts of black oil nyjer seed as well as fine hulled sunflower chips (hence the name) that gives winter finches yet another option at the feeders this winter.


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