Squirrels:  A popular topic here at our store as it seems folks do battle with these critters on a daily basis in an effort to keep them out of their feeders and away from their bird seed.

Squirrels are crafty creatures that have the ability to quickly climb or leap from tree branches onto objects such as bird feeders.  While we do encourage a friendly stance on dealing with these critters, we do have solutions that are strictly designed and guaranteed to keep them out of your seed.

Perhaps the most fool-proof system for keeping squirrels at bay is the proper installation of a complete pole system paired with a squirrel baffle.  We proudly carry all the components you will need to build a squirrel-proof system in your backyard but will break each piece down from the ground up in more detail below:


What You Will Need

Ground Screw


Starting at the ground level, you will need a secure position to begin your pole mounting.  The way we recommend it is by utilizing a ground screw.  This screw is easily twisted 20” into the ground using the handy ½” turning holes, providing a stable foundation for your future pole system.



Our standard poles measure 74” in height and are 1” in diameter, fitting perfectly into your already installed ground screw.  These versatile poles can be customized any which way you please, which we will touch on below, and are powder coated black for protection against the elements.



Now that your pole is installed, you will need to add a baffle to keep squirrels and other feeder-raiding predators out of your feeders installed above.  There are a number of different styles available, but the standard is a break-apart baffle.  These cone-shaped baffles can measure between 17”-18” and just like the pole, are powder coated steel for added durability.  You will want to position the baffle about 3 or 4 feet above the ground, so squirrels are not able to jump on top of it.

Arms & Flanges


Now that the foundation is secured, you will be looking to add a feeder or two to the top of the pole.  There are a variety of custom options at this point and selection will truly be based on the number of feeders you want to hang in this particular location.

For singular feeders, all you will need is a pole flange.  Again, the size and configuration you will need atop your pole will depend on the type of feeder you are installing.  These flanges are best suited for fly-through feeders and platform feeders, supplying the feeder with a flat and stable installation platform.

When it comes to a hanging feeder, or multiple hanging feeders, a custom arm affixed to the top of your pole will be required.  These extended arms come in a few different designs and can allow you to hang up to four feeders at the same time, all while under the protection from squirrels.

For another level of versatility, we also carry different configurations of coil arms which can easily be twisted into place, allowing you to freely add arms to anywhere on the pole.  Just be sure any additions are above the baffle!

Want more?  Watch the video below as Bob demonstrates:


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