Despite the migration being a little ahead of schedule, we are still awaiting a large portion of returning migrants to our area this spring.  Aside from keeping squirrels and other problem animals away from bird feeders, one of the most common questions we get is; “How can I attract more birds to my yard this spring?”

The answer is relatively simple but involves a lot of planning and preparation and now might be the best time possible to get the jump on birds this spring.


The early bird definitely gets the worm and the same applies to avid birders with a well-thought-out plan for the return of some of our favourite bird species.  Getting your yard, feeders, seed, houses and nesting boxes ready to roll before the birds arrive might just be your best bet for birding success in 2016.



As the birds return and the temperatures rise, birds will be busy in an effort to attract a mate, build nests and raise their young.  While courting will inevitably take place anywhere birds can be found, providing them with the best nesting materials, locations and options is one way to keep them local, so to speak.

We like to use something such as a mesh onion bag and fill it with ideal nesting material and place it out in the yard this time of year.   Dead leaves, twigs, human or dog hair, cotton balls, and small rocks are all perfect items you can set out for your nesting birds this time of year.

You will also want to include nesting boxes and houses for cavity-nesting species.  We carry boxes and houses of all kinds and can point you in the right direction, no matter which species you hope to attract this spring.


Habitat Design (Birdscaping)

This is an area in which we are focusing a lot of our efforts this season.  If you follow our YouTube Channel, we will be documenting the development of one area of our yard this spring, summer and fall into the ideal habitat with native plant species ideal for attracting birds and keeping the natural balance to your yard.

Utilizing brush piles, dead trees and the proper selection of flowers and placement of flower beds all play a vital role in attracting more birds to your yard utilizing the natural elements, plants, and habitat for your backyard birds.


Food and Water

Providing adequate food and water to your birds should come as second nature to any avid birders.  Spring is the perfect time to tune up your bird baths, clean out those feeders after the long winter and fill them with the right seed for the season.

Our seasonally-adjusted bird seed offerings guarantee your backyard birds the very best in nutritious fuel during the spring and offer our clientele a no-waste, non-GMO option to feed their birds.


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