The consistent hum of a ruby-throated hummingbird for most of us is a sure sign of warm weather and the sunny summer months here in eastern Ontario.  As more and more migrants are arriving here in the Ottawa area, hummingbirds will not be far behind.

With that in mind, now is a great time to begin thinking about getting our yards set up for the influx of hummers that will soon be visiting blooming flowers and hopefully, our nectar-filled feeders.

As one of the more popular species of birds here in our region, many birders have an unquenchable affliction for these small birds and as such, the variety of ways to feed them seems to spark interest in almost any active birder.

Here we will briefly outline some of the different methods from which you can offer your hummingbirds the very best in nectar this summer season.



Hanging Feeders

Just the same as our unbeatable tube feeders, our HummZinger hanging feeders are proudly manufactured by our partners at Aspects down in the United States.  These upgraded feeders are constructed entirely of durable and tough polycarbonate plastic and feature the signature bright red colouring that continuously lures hummingbirds.


These feeders feature a HighView perch, allowing hummingbirds to rest comfortably while feeding as well as giving feeding birds an unobstructed view of other birds using the feeder.  Hummingbirds are extremely territorial and competitive birds and this brilliantly engineered feeder gives these birds a comfortable way to keep an eye on their peers.

Another feature unique to these feeders is the built-in ant moat designed around the hanging mount.  As ants and other insects vie for the nectar inside the feeder, they blindly traverse down the bracket and unknowingly into the water-filled moat.  When it comes to cleaning these feeders, they are easily deconstructed for easy maintenance and filling.

Window Feeders

Much like our popular window feeders for our small songbirds, we also carry a line of hummingbird window feeders.  Much like similar models, these attach to your windows using suction cups and offer an unbeatable point of view from within your home.  These feeders are also easy to remove, take apart, clean and refill and will prove to be an object of enjoyment all summer long.

Hand-Held Feeders

That’s right, hummingbirds in the palm of your hand!  These small feeders can hold a small amount of nectar and with enough patience, will allow you to feed hummingbirds while holding the feeder in the palm of your hand.


We cannot stress the patience part of these feeders enough, hummingbirds will take some time to become accustomed to the feeder and the person holding it, but with enough time and very little movement, they will eventually move in for a deeper connection with our backyard birds!

In addition to the feeders above, we must also be mindful as to what we feed our hummingbirds.  While sugary nectars were once thought to be the only food for these birds, it has since been discovered that, like us, sugar is harmful to our hummers.

We carry a mixture that you can create at home on an as-needed basis that is sugar-free and made with all natural ingredients.  Better for the birds, better for the environment.

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