Outside of using a good pair of binoculars or one of our spotting scopes, there is no better way to get up close and personal to your backyard birds than by using one of our window feeders.  Available in a number of different configurations, these feeders easily attach to your windows using strong suction cups and allow for a crystal clear viewing experience of your birds as they visit your feeders from the comfort of your own home.

No two designs are alike and each offers a unique offering to a variety of birds, allowing you to mix and match across a number of windows in your home.  Those with children or grandchildren love these feeders as they offer a fantastic viewing experience for even the youngest birders in your family.


Window Cafe

By far our most popular window feeder, the Aspects Window Cafe was engineered to be the very best in window feeders.  Constructed using tough and durable UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic, this two-piece feeder is a breeze to fill allowing you to quickly remove the seed tray for filling, while the roof overhand portion remains installed on your window.

Window Hangers

T’is the season for suet and not much does it better than one of our strong window hanger feeders.  These hangers are suspended using two suction cups that can handle up to 5lbs in weight, allowing you to hang suet balls or cakes while still having the ability to handle birds such as woodpeckers clinging to the food as they fuel up on your suet.

Bird Book & Window Feeder

While the kids will certainly be entertained with any of our window feeding models, this interactive feeder comes standard with an educational booklet that your children can reference as they observe birds on the feeder.  This feeder also easily attaches to any window and as birds enter the feeder, you have the ability to consult your child’s first field guide and educate them on the wonders of the avian world.

Whether you are a seasoned birder or simply looking for an easy jumping off point, one of our window feeders might just be the perfect addition not only to your backyard, but one that will introduce you to the wonderful world of birding.


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