Now that Trick or Treating is over, we will inevitably start concentrating on the next big upcoming holiday; Christmas.  As we await Saint Nick, we also begin preparing for the winter wonderland coming our way over the next number of months.

As birders, each season affects both our seed selection and the manner in which we choose to feed our seasonal selection of birds.  As we move away from migrating songbirds and get used to the jays, woodpeckers, finches, juncos and other birds of winter, it’s a great time to consider different feeding options that can optimize your winter birding experience.


Hopper & Platform Feeders

With wild weather being a commonality, choosing a platform feeder that provides ample coverage and shelter from the elements is a great way to both provide a clean feeding area for your birds and keep your bird seed fresh and dry.  These feeders are usually equipped with a roof-type design and their wide base easily allows a variety of birds to perch and easily feed during the cold months when they need our seed the most.

Suet Feeders

Suet feeders come in many shapes, sizes and configurations.  Everything from vinyl-coated cage feeders to placing suet logs into natural crevices found in trees can be used to offer suet to your wintering birds.  When it comes to feeding, suet is a great addition to any backyard, giving birds a healthy dose of the high-caloric fats they need to keep warm when the thermometer drops.

Tube Feeders   

When versatility is the name of the game our tube feeders won’t let you or your backyard birds down.  Many of the models we carry are designed with proper port covers that will keep the weather out of the tube and seed, keeping it fresh during even the worst weather.  These feeders are a welcome sight to smaller birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, siskins, and finches.


In addition to the above, you will want to ensure you match your feeders with the very best in seasonal seed.  Our formulas are specifically developed for certain times of the year and guarantee to give birds what they need, depending on what Mother Nature is throwing at them!


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