As many of you know, we specialize in backyard birding and the entire experience through wellness it can provide each and every one of us. While we certainly love sitting around our yard and taking in all of the birds we have the pleasure of viewing, we also enjoy venturing out into the field for additional opportunities.

In addition to a change of scenery, heading out either locally or abroad offers us yet another chance to reconnect with nature. Fortunate for us here in the Ottawa area, there is no shortage of wonderful parks, conservation areas and green space for all of us to enjoy.

Last week, we decided to take a trip to the nearby Morris Island Conservation Area just outside of Fitzroy Harbour. This 47-hectare property is managed by our friends at the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and offers birders a wonderful opportunity to spot a number of different bird species.


How to Find It

Depending on where you are situated in the city, the 417 runs quite close to the area and a quick departure from the highway at the Kinburn exit followed by a left-hand turn onto Galetta Side Road will get you quite close.  From Galetta Side Road, turn left onto Loggers Way and then a right onto Morris Island Drive.  Follow the road until you hit the parking area and you are ready to be immersed in nature!

What to Expect

Birding opportunities abound, particularly this time of year as many of our birds are preparing for fall migration. This is a heavily wooded area with beautiful hardwood forest, perfect for spotting woodpeckers, warblers, sparrows and so much more. Head down towards the river and it is a great area for spotting herons and a variety of waterfowl, especially this time of year when you can catch a glimpse of some species passing through our area on their way south.

Outside of birding, it is a great area to canoe or kayak, but be sure to heed the warnings posted on the maps throughout the property. The location is situated just below the dam and caution should be exercised when paddling about.

As we progress into the fall months, Morris Island is a wonderful place to bring your camera and snap up some of that beautiful fall foliage. As the leaves begin to change through October, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.


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