One of the largest cohorts of birders we proudly service in our store is those that have recently decided to get into birding. As with any new hobby, there is somewhat of a learning curve to the birding world and for those already deeply involved, they can also attest to the “rabbit hole” effect this can have on your experience.

Addictive by nature (pun intended), bird watching is a soulful experience and for many of us, quickly becomes so much more than simply watching the birds. From the moment you hang your first feeder and fill it with one of our blends, you are immediately immersed in nature and you will soon find it to be a process you will look forward to again and again.

Progressing from the decision to becoming a backyard bird watching to actually hanging your first feeder is one wrought with choices. Determining what kind of birds you would like to enjoy might be your primary deciding factor but for the majority of those getting into the world of birding, the number one goal is usually to see as many birds as possible.

So how do we get from a feeder-less backyard to one brimming with avian activity?  That’s the fun part!

Below we’ll break down some of our most popular seed presentation options and configurations for birders of all kinds.


Pole Systems

While the idea of simply hanging a feeder in a tree in your yard might seem like the simplest place to start, it is often one that leads to more headaches than it might be worth. It is certainly birder-dependent, but in most cases, we highly recommend getting started with one of our pole systems.

Unlike a tree, these systems are designed to keep feeders securely in place and they are incredibly customizable. Additionally, for those hoping to keep our furry friends (we’re looking at you Mr. Squirrel) out of their bird seed, these are the only guaranteed way to do it.

These systems can be configured with as many arms, mounting plates and clip-ons that can safely fit and allow birders an opportunity to view a wide variety of birds all at the same time.


So what should you hang on your pole system?  Well, that depends!

Silo or Tube Feeders

These feeders are made to hang and can accommodate a number of birds at any given time. With upwards of eight feeder ports on most models, they can be filled with either our regular seed blends to attract chickadees and the like or you can opt for a Nyjer tube feeder to feed your hungry finches throughout the year.

Hopper and Fly-Through Feeders

Just as the name suggests, these feeders act as an elevated platform for ground-feeding birds such as the stunning cardinal. These feeders can be directly mounted atop our pole systems with specialized hardware and offer new birders the best opportunity to view the greatest variety of bird species.


Complete with a mesh bottom, these feeders are virtually maintenance-free, allowing snow, rain and other moisture to fall through the screened bottom, keeping your seed fresh and safe for your birds to consume.

Suet Feeders

While we do carry a special summer suet, formulated to withstand the summer months, these feeders are extremely complimentary to the winter months. Typically housed in a cage, the suet is securely held and depending on the model selected, provide larger woodpeckers such as the pileated woodpecker, a place to utilize their large tail feathers to stabilize them while feeding.

No matter what stage in the birding game you might be at, we have the solutions for every type of birder and yard here in Ottawa and beyond. Looking for something a little different? Let us know, we’d love to go even further in helping your enhance your backyard bird watching experience.


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