Well, if you’ve been paying any attention to us over the past couple of months, you already know things are humming along here in 2020 and we have plenty of product expansion underway!

In addition to all the birding supplies, feeders and seed you’ve grown accustomed to over the years, we have been quietly expanding into additional outdoor-focused areas here in our flagship store in Almonte. In addition to the smaller supplies we always carried, we are now offering our customer base access to camping equipment such as grills and tents as well as tools of the trade, like our new Council Tool Axes.

We are incredibly excited about these new tools as they really are a beauty to behold (and use!). They have garnered a great deal of attention since we first announced them right before Christmas. Since that was our last transmission on these wonderful axes, we thought we’d take the opportunity to break down a couple of our favourites and tell you a little bit more about them.

When it comes to this well-established company, who has been building tools such as axes since 1886, their line of Velvicut premium axes are something you truly need to see and hold yourself.

Evoking images and memories of a bygone era, these tools were once used on a daily basis and as such required a reliable edge, sharpness and overall heft to make sure the day’s work was taken care of efficiently.

The Head

According to Council Tools, the heads of these axes are finished with “a combination of experience, new technology, and old-fashioned hand-to-eye coordination.”  Believe us, it shows.

Manufactured from 5160 alloy steel, the heads of these axes are drop forged at roughly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result of this intense forging process, the grain remains continuous throughout the part and thereby enhancing the strength. No two Velvicut heads will ever look the same following shot blasting and touch ups – giving each piece a unique look all their own.


Made entirely of grade “A” hickory wood, these handles are produced from a blank that is selected for grain orientation and density, giving it the utmost in strength and durability. The pattern of the handle features a prominent grip and slim body that allows for a slight amount of flex while improving the overall ergonomics of the axe itself.

Each of these axes comes complete with its own premium leather sheath to add another level of protection. The sheaths are also equipped with buckles for each fastening to packs and feature the Council Tools logo proudly on display.

For more information about these wonderful tools or to see one in-person, be sure to reach out to us on social, via our website or stop in and see one for yourself!

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