This is another common question we field most days in the store; how on earth do I keep the areas around my feeders as clean as possible, and avoid future growth of weeds and other unwanted plant life?

It’s a problem that plagues a great number of backyard birders and can attract some unwanted visitors in and around your feeders. We’ve compiled a quick list of tips you can use to clean up your backyard birdseed mess while keeping your feathered friends happy.

Install a Tray

There are a variety of trays on the market today that are designed simply for this purpose. Placed directly below the feeder, a tray can catch most debris, and can provide an additional perch for other species of birds who may not typically feed on a totally elevated feeder.


Use the Right Seed

This is probably your best bet in cutting down in both wastage and mess around your feeders. Firstly, stay the heck away from the bargain seed blends! These types of blends often contain large amounts of grain filler and wheat, which birds simply do not typically like to eat. This is the stuff you will most likely find on the ground, as it is discarded by your birds. As a great alternative, we always recommend our own Garden Friendly blend of seed from the folks at Mill Creek Seed Co. This blend comes completely out of the hull and contains only food, leaving no trail of waste or debris on the ground and with all of our seed offerings; it is 100% GMO-Free.

Explore Other Feeder Options

Platform and fly-through feeders are your best bet to keep your yard clean, while still attracting a wide variety of different birds to your feeders. Most platform feeders come with a perforated metal bottom that makes for easy cleaning and allows for proper drainage.


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