The hottest season of bird watching is quickly approaching. Spring and summer bring some fantastic birding outings and sightings, and you will want to make sure you can capture the moment with the perfect camera. We all think our iPhone camera is good enough, but you might be surprised at the quality difference you will find by purchasing a camera to take those lovely birding shots. With different lenses you are able to snap a picture that is up close and personal, perhaps even getting the shot of a lifetime that is worth framing.

Here are some unique suggestions if you are in the market for a camera to join you on your birding adventures…

If you already have spotting scopes and a tripod that you take out birding, you might be one step ahead of the game and buying a new camera may not be necessary. Kowa makes a digital camera adapter for their series of spotting scopes. This adapter clicks on to your current digital camera and gives you great zooming capabilities. This is an easy and inexpensive way to put your scope to work and still use your current digital camera.


A real leader in the digiscoping is Nikon. Nikon develops an array of attachments and adapters that can be used on their field scopes and a Nikon digital camera. This is an excellent option as you can spend the money on having a field scope and a digital camera and you’ll soon see that never before has it been so easy to capture superb, thrilling close-ups of far-away birds – without having to carry along heavy telephoto lenses.

Canon has some great low-cost options when purchasing a camera for bird photography. However, you have to ensure that you get a camera with a good optical zoom. You need a wide zooming range in order to capture wild birds. Thus you should be getting a camera that has 500mm lenses as wild birds will fly away and you have to make sure you can still get that picture perfect shot.

Whatever you choose – an adapter, a camera or a digiscope –get out there and start capturing your birding adventures and get some beautiful birding images. Enjoy!

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