Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Although it can be somber to watch many species leave your backyard at this time of year as they work their way south, it is also a great time of year to welcome a number of new species coming in from more northern locales.

As we wait on our new arrivals, there are many things you can do to make the most of the winter birding season. Here are a few ways to make your backyard or property more inviting to birds that rough it through the frigid winter months:

Build a Brush Pile

It is no secret that most species on our beautiful planet require the proper shelter when the temperatures drop. Help out the local bird population by building a brush pile in your backyard to supply them with additional shelter options. These piles work great when the wind picks up and for an overnight roosting location.


Provide the Right Food

This is a given. Provide your backyard birds with the very best in feed throughout the different seasons and you are sure to always have many feathered friends close by. Seed such as black oil sunflower seeds are loved by many species of birds, but nothing beats the high-caloric advantages of suet.

Provide Water

While you will not be able to attract every bird in the area using only food, providing water helps out your resident birds and can also bring in new visitors looking for a refreshing drink. If you live in a geographical location that experiences temperatures below freezing, you should consider a birdbath heater or one of our many styles of heated all-weather bird baths.

The key to attracting and keeping a number of birds during the winter months really comes down to the three points mentioned above: food, water and shelter. The more ways you are able to fulfill these basic needs for your birds, the more likely your backyard is to have a wide variety of birds to observe this winter.



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