Five years ago we set out to revolutionize the way everyday folks cared for the local population of birds.  As avid birders ourselves, we not only noticed a number of gaps in the market, but knew first-hand how much birders truly care for the wild birds that take up residence with us here in the Ottawa area, if only part time,  in some cases.

In addition to offering birders access to the very best in seed and feed products and solutions, we set out to, as we say, “enhance the back yard birding experience.”  While this statement is far-reaching, one of the ways we specialize in this is by offering our clientele the very best in experienced know-how and products to safely and ethically deter squirrels from your bird feeders.

With that in mind, here are the two very best solutions anyone can use in their yard to keep squirrels out of their bird feeders all year long.


Squirrel Busters

As the name suggests, these high-quality feeders are designed, built and sold for the very purpose of deterring squirrels from feasting on your bird feeders.  Designed using high-grade polycarbonate plastics and all metal food ports, these feeders are equipped with a unique mechanism that restricts access to seed depending on weight.

As the squirrel steps on to the perch, the weight of the animal forces the ports into a closed position, restricting access to the seed inside.  These feeders are also fully adjustable, allowing you to easily set the weight restrictions on the feeder itself.  This feature also works great for those interested in deterring other birds such as grackles from your seed.

This product is available in a variety of sizes and comes complete with a lifetime guarantee.

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Pole Systems


If you are serious about squirrels, this is the #1 choice, guaranteed to keep them out of your feeders with proper placement.  These systems can be designed in any way you see fit, but consist mainly of an easy-to-use ground screw, steel pole, squirrel baffle and an armed or flanged top.

Start by screwing the ground screw into the proposed site of the feeder and then attach the steel pole and baffle at about waist height.  To top the pole, the options are endless as you can choose from either a 2, 3 or 4 arm top for hanging a number of feeders or you can opt for a flange system that allows you to install a larger feeder, such as a fly-through or platform.

These systems can be dressed up and accessorized with bird baths and suet feeders, as we always say, in an attempt to even further enhance our precious back yard encounters with some of our favourite feathered friends.


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