As we migrate past the halfway point of the month of February, many of us are beginning to look forward to rising temperatures and the spring season on the hopefully, not so distant horizon. As we begin to plan for spring, projects around the house and our backyard begin to fill our minds and if you’re an avid birder, the return of our birds is at the top of the list.

Now in our 5th year of serving Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley with the very best in birding supplies, optics, feeders, and seed, one common question still gets asks almost on a daily basis:

“How do we get rid of squirrels?”

The truth is; it’s actually quite easy. With a little bit of planning, the proper products and proper installation, we guarantee you will never see another squirrel feasting on your bird feeder. While each backyard is slightly different and there are a variety of possibly set-ups, here are a few of the very best products we carry in-store that can eliminate your squirrel problem for good.


Closing Door Feeders

Likely the most popular design of squirrel-proof feeders are the closing door-style feeders manufactured by companies such as Brome Bird Care. Makers of the Squirrel Buster product line, the professionals at Brome have engineered a feeder that allows the door to the seed to open and close based on weight. When a squirrel climbs on to the feeder, its weight will automatically force the shroud down, closing access to the seed inside. These feeders can also be used to deter larger species of birds from your seed as well.

Caged Feeders

Popular, but not 100% effective against all critters, caged feeders are typically quite good at keeping gray squirrels at bay. Chipmunks and red squirrels can often penetrate these feeders, but their design can also keep your birds protected from predators such as cats and hawks.

Baffle Top Feeders

These feeders must be hung by a pole or tree branch and feature a dome-like design, keeping critters that will approach from the top from getting at the seed beneath. Some crafty rodents can actually find their way into these feeders if they are not installed correctly, but the baffle doubles as an umbrella, keeping seed dry during precipitation.

Pole & Baffle Systems

Our bread and butter and honestly speaking, the one way we can honestly 100% guarantee squirrels cannot penetrate. We carry a variety of pole systems that are driven into the ground at the site of your choosing by using a strong and durable ground screw. The tops of these poles can feature multiple hangers for a variety of feeders, can accommodate tray feeders and suet cages. By attaching a baffle to the pole approximately five feet from the ground, squirrels are unable to scale the pole and reach the seed. By locating the pole and feeder a minimum of 15 feet from any tree or structure will remove the risk of squirrels and other rodents attacking your feeder through the air.

To learn more about our innovative, durable and completely customizable squirrel pole and baffle systems, check out our video below. Let us know if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help design the ideal system for your backyard!

Watch Bob Demonstrate How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Feeders Below:



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