We don’t have to tell you that this winter has been nothing but freezing, as most of the northern regions of North America recording the coldest month of February in the last 100 years.

As we roll into March, you should begin to hear the sweet songs of spring from our favorite feathered friends. Birds are now getting a little more bounce in their step and it seems that there are a lot more birds out and about, with many more to come as we roll into the spring migration season. Our ears will soon be treated to some of our favorite birds singing their wonderful spring songs. For those hoping for some winter relief, noticing increased bird activity, feeding and singing are sure signs that spring is soon approaching.

Looking out at your backyard it is not hard to see the male cardinal not far behind the female, singing his sweet songs trying to serenade her into courtship. Males, in particular, may sing throughout the year, but the peak of singing is in spring and early summer.


The turkeys are back as well. Sure, we have seen them here and there over the winter but now it is not a rare sighting to see them out and about. They are back to traveling in their packs, eating up whatever food they can find.

This weather may not feel like spring but the birds are sure acting like it is….

Getting your backyard ready for the spring migration is very important. After the harsh winter that we experienced a bit of work may be needed in getting your backyard bird oasis back up and working. You’ll have to make sure your bird feeders are in good shape to offer your feathered friends all the nourishment they deserve. You may also want to switch to more spring appropriate food, our Seasons Woodlands and Seasons Urban help your birds switch from a high carbohydrate base to a high protein base, supporting migratory and nesting birds. Don’t forget to add nectar for your hummingbirds or fruit for the throngs of thrushes.

Many birds will nest in bird houses. An unsafe house can be detrimental to reproduction and could even lead to chick fatalities, so be sure to clean out existing birdhouses and get them ready for the next family to move in. The locations of the birdhouses are also crucial in attracting birds to the house. Locating the houses in an environment that is away from predators and near food and water sources will make any birdhouse a valuable one.

Spring is a wonderful time of year for backyard birding. It is a delight to see all the migrant birds return and the winter birds become more active by renewing their territory and seeking a potential mate. A property owner that takes the time necessary to prepare the backyards for spring birds will not regret it. Not only will they attract spring birds but will even encourage them to stay by throughout the spring and the summer.

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