Well for most of you that know us, you are aware of the fact that we hang our hat on our seed product.  We spent quite some time in an attempt to truly uncover the best seed for our backyard birds and the product we sell today is one of the main reasons we do what we do.

In cooperation with Mill Creek Seed Co. we provide seasonally adjusted blends that have a high carbohydrate base in winter then come spring/summer we switch up ingredients to have a high protein base, this also helps our migratory and nesting birds.  Together, we continue to innovate these blends in ways which benefit our feathered friends.  Keeping two main goals for our birds in mind; attractiveness (to birds) and safety, it is part of our mission to enhance our customer's backyard birding experience with quality products and has helped us build our business upon a solid foundation of ecologically-conscious and nutritious bird seed. 

Given that the bird seed industry here in Canada is not regulated, it is imperative that we as birders are aware as to what we are feeding our birds.  Rather than simply filling up a bag of seed from whatever comes out of a pipe, our bird seed is selected,  fresh and blended in small batches right here in Ontario, using only the highest grade of ingredients available. 

Seasons Woodland Blend

As a large part of our customer base lives in rural locations, this seed blend is one of our most popular year round.  In addition to it being hearty and robust, as any of us would have our food during the winter months, it contains everything your birds need to cope with the cold…plus a little grit to help with digestion.

“Birds Eat to Create Heat”

                       -Bob Volks – Gilligallou Bird

Formulated to be very high in carbohydrates, the season’s woodland blend contains the ingredients winter birds need to have energy and hence, keep them warm during the frigid months.  This blend, much like every one of our others, contains NO FILLERS.  You will not find any wheat seed; you will not find any milo seed or anything else for that matter, that serves the purpose of simply filling up a bag, which by the way, is bio-degradable.


This blend is pure and contains safe non-toxic products such as non-salted peanuts and low-moisture corn kernels that have been steel cut rather than cracked.  It is these seemingly small nuances that make all the difference, bringing tremendous food value to the birds and a very high consumer value to you. 


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