Photographing any living creature can most-often prove to be a difficult task. From children to wild animals, erratic movements can often turn most photo-opportunities into blurred or poor quality images. Taking photos of birds is no different, given the size of most of your backyard birds, their sometimes unpredictable movements and proximity can prove to be a challenging task.

We have compiled a few helpful tips that might help you get that perfect shot next time you have your camera out in the field.

Use a Blind

Camouflaging yourself is a great way to become a part of your subject's environment without your birds knowing you are there. A blind can hide many routine movements like scratching an itch or moving your head and can get you close to getting that shot you have been waiting for. The type of blinds people use vary, some will simply sit in a car while others will use a camouflage coloured hunting blind to really become a part of the environment.

Shoot Often

Birds move around…a lot. You may not always get your subject to sit pretty and smile at you, so be sure to enable continuous shooting on your camera and fire away as many times as possible. When going through your hundreds of shots, you most-often will find a few winners in the mix.


Use Autofocus

Longer lenses are usually equipped with a switch that can control the distance at which autofocus will search. More often than not, you might find yourself photographing birds from a far distance, so be sure to have your camera set up for it. Doing so will speed up your lens and prevent it from trying to identify what it is trying to focus on.

Stay Alert

You have dedicated some time no-doubt to being out in the field trying to get the picture of a lifetime. Do yourself the favour and always be prepared to take the shot when opportunity presents itself. If you are walking, be sure your camera is in a readily accessible position and never give up, you never know when the perfect shot will present itself!


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