Here’s a staggering statistic: nearly one BILLION birds die on an annual basis as the result of collisions with windows.

Scary stuff, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be, so long as we are all willing to help our feathered friends along the way. As more studies are released on the subject, more businesses, municipalities and residents are coming cognizant of the effects our homes and the places we work have on birds and the natural world around us.

With many architects now designing bird-friendly buildings and structures, the art of reducing window and bird collisions is really beginning to take hold. For a number of years, we have obviously advocated for proper window decal placement and have hosted a number of different products in our Ottawa area stores. As time has marched on, innovations have been made in the space and just this year, we began to carry a new window collision product made by the clever folks at 3M.


Branded as Feather Friendly, these decals are the most effective and innovative product on the market today and as such, we wanted to quickly break down a few of the best practices for installation:

Exterior, If Possible

Depending on the type of building you are installing these on, placement on the outside of the window could potentially be problematic. For most residential applications, however, this shouldn’t be a problem. As the birds are approaching your windows from the outside, having the decals outside as well is the most effective method of installation.

Before you are ready to place the film on the window, be sure to properly clean and dry the surface to ensure proper bonding.

Properly Measure

Each kit contains a handy measuring strip that allows you to easily measure and properly apply the film to your window.  Attach the measuring tape to the window using a piece of regular tape and position the first line of the strip 2” below the window frame.

You will then want to unroll a length of marker tape that will extend past the width of the window. Then you will need to align the centre of the markers to the exterior side of the glass with the first line on both measuring strips while pulling the marker tape tight and sticking it in position. Run your thumb along the tape lightly to keep it in place.



Using a credit card or other similar flat tool to release the air beneath the sheet and apply adhesive to the window.  After completed, slowly peel away the film, inevitably leaving the markers in place.


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