As hummingbird numbers continue to increase in your area due to the large migration north this spring, make sure you make the most of this opportunity and make your backyard hummingbird friendly!

There are a wide variety of hummingbird feeders on the market today to choose from, and choosing the right one should benefit both your preferences and those of your hummingbirds. Here is a quick rundown of everything you should need, and a few tips to help you make the proper selection for your backyard hummingbirds.

First, let us go over the two basic styles of hummingbird feeders you will find on the market today; inverted and saucer feeders.


Inverted Hummingbird Feeders

These feeders contain a central reservoir suspended over the feeding ports and slowly release nectar from above. This ensures the ports are always filled at optimal levels and allows you to easily check the nectar levels for refilling. Inverted feeders typically have a greater capacity, and thus, can require a little less maintenance. On the other side, they are usually quite difficult to clean and fill and are sometimes prone to leaks and attracting unwanted insects.


Saucer Hummingbird Feeders

A saucer feeder is just as the name suggests; a simple dish filled with nectar, equipped with ports above the reservoir allowing hummingbirds to dip their bills easily into the nectar. Unlike inverted feeders, saucer feeders are typically very easy to clean and refill but do have a smaller capacity making for more trips to the feeder to keep it full. They are also quite versatile and can be hung easily from poles and railings.

Now that we have addressed the two basic types of hummingbird feeders, let’s go over a few areas of interest you should consider before buying:


Hummingbird feeders are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 1-32 oz capacities. Obviously, this will be something you will need to monitor over time. You don’t want to have a large capacity feeder, with only a few visitors as you might find yourself wasting quite a bit of nectar.

Easy To Clean

This is very important, considering you should be cleaning your hummingbird feeders a few time per week, you will want a feeder that is accessible and easy to clean.

Insect Guards

There are many feeders on the market today with built-in insect protection systems, keeping unwanted guests away from your nectar and hummingbird feeder.

So if you haven’t already set up your backyard hummingbird feeder, give the above some thought before making your next purchase. Have any additional questions? Drop in and see us in the store, or fire us off an email; we’d love to help!


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