For some of us, the battle carries on from season to season as we work diligently in an attempt to deter squirrels and the like from invading our bird seed located in and around our feeders.  While to some birders, squirrels and other mammals are a welcome sight, and as a natural part of nature, we also love having them around.

As birders, we always want to ensure our visiting, local and vagrant birds always have enough seed when they do venture in and around our yards.  As with many feeders, there is often more than enough seed displaced on the ground below our feeders for the furry critters, so many of us do what we can to keep them out of the feeders themselves.

Our Squirrel Buster solutions are a fantastic way to do this but do allow squirrels to physically climb on them, possibly keeping certain bird species at bay.  The reality is, the only sure-fire way to keep squirrels out of your feeders is by utilizing one of our specially designed pole systems configured with the right attachments.

Here are a few tips for setting up your first pole system for both the birds and your neighbourhood squirrels.


Pick the Right Setup

For a pole system to work the way it was intended, you first must ensure you have the proper components.  All systems begin with one of our steel ground screws and poles, which can be drilled into the ground for sturdy operation.

A pole system alone will not keep critters out, so be sure you invest in one of our squirrel baffles, which should be placed 3-4 feet above the ground level and will not allow squirrels to pass them by.


This one is important; you will want to be cognizant and strategic when placing your pole system in your yard.  Pay attention to the distance from your house as well as the distance from nearby trees and other structures which could be used as launching points by daredevil small mammals.

You will want to place your feeders between 12 and 14 feet away from the nearest structure all the while paying attention to possible trajectory points, which are often greater in distance.  With the exception of the flying variety, there should not be a squirrel in town, that would be able to make that faithful jump to your bird feeder.

Other Accessories

In addition to squirrel-deterring options, our pole systems can be configured in a variety of different fashions.  From fly-through feeders to tube feeders, we have many different ways to attach feeders to these systems, including the use of a three-armed top, allowing you to hang up to three different feeders at once.




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