While the zoom function on our cameras, spotting scopes, and binoculars can do the job, not much else will get your as close to your birds as one of our window feeding solutions.  Designed using tough and durable materials and clever engineering, these unique feeders combined with one of our seed blends guarantees to get you close.  Really close.

While not every species of bird in your neck of the woods will enjoy the spoils of a window feeder, there are many species that will.  Expect to get close to finches, jays, chickadees, nuthatches and more with proper placement and seed selection.


Types of Window Feeders

Attaching via strong and durable suction cups, our window feeding line-up had a few different options for every type of birder.  For those with an affinity for nuthatches and woodpeckers, our window hangers are perfect for hanging suet cages or products such as our acorn suet, especially during migration and the cold winter months.  These hangers and virtually weightless and can support upwards of 5+ lbs safely, which is more than enough for most bird species and the accompanying suet.

Our other feeders are designed in more a tray-type feeder system.  Attaching very much the same way as our hangers, these feeders have a seed storage tube or tray and depending on the design, ample perching space for feeding birds.


Our Aspects window feeder is one of the better window feeding products on the market today.  Featuring a large seed storage area and two feeding ports with large perches, these feeders are not only popular among our customer base but with many local birds as well.


As we stated above, it really is the design and engineering that goes into these products, and many of our other products that set us apart from the rest.  Many of our products are designed with polycarbonate plastic, which is one of the most durable plastics available to the consumer market.  This material can easily withstand extreme weather, scratches, and drops.

The design element is an important one to pay attention to as well.  Our Aspects window feeder, for example, is designed not only to hold a decent amount of seed but also to protect that seed.  We are all aware that having seed that is exposed to excessive moisture will cause it to spoil or potentially spread disease and Aspects designed this feeder with this sentiment in mind.  This feeder is equipped with an oversized roof that properly covers the seed and the two feeding trays have vents pre-drilled to allow any seed left in them gets the ventilation it needs to stay fresh.

The versatility of these feeders can also not be understated.  Some of the features and benefits of these feeders include:

  • They prevent window strikes
  • They are great for photography
  • They work well for beginner birders
  • Children love learning about birds while up close and personal

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