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The Safest and Most Effective Squirrel Solutions

  In somewhat of a follow-up to last week’s wildly popular topic, we thought we would, once again, touch on the subject of squirrels around backyard bird feeders. For years...

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Hot Pepper Bird Seed and its Negative Effects

No matter where you live, the battle between birder and squirrel has been brewing since the advent of backyard bird feeders. While there is certainly a large cohort of birders...

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Raven or Crow?  Here’s How to Know

Let’s be honest; there is certainly a cohort of folks out there who likely believe that the American crow and the common raven are one and the same. While they...

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Getting Ready for Winter: Nesting Box and Bird Bath Maintenance

  Let’s say this; things are quite seasonal at the moment! As we round the corner into the mid-portion of the month of November, temperatures are consistently below the freezing...

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