Upside Down Cedar Suet Feeder (Discourage starlings and grackles)

Suet Feeders by Wild BIrd Trading
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This Cedar Bottom Suet Feeder has the capacity to hold 2 suet cakes.

An upside-down suet feeder discourages starlings and grackles, who may learn to dangle briefly, but cannot hang upside-down for long. They may stop by periodically for a bite, but cannot dominate the feeder by sitting comfortably for hours! 

*This is a custom-manufactured item; some delays in delivery may occur.


  • Easy top opening, and sturdy hanging rope
  • ½" x ½" screen mesh to make the suet last long
  • 10" D x 9¾" W x 4½" H
  • Made in Canada
  • Model UDS

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