Super Tube Top Weather Dome

Hanging Feeders by Aspects
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This Super Tube Top protects your feeder, feed, and birds from rain, snow & squirrels. It fits  multiple-sized tube feeders, from 2¾" to 4" diameter. It fits regular Aspects dome feeders snugly, as well as the Big Tube feeders. 

Just slip it over the bail wire. No hardware is needed. It has a lifetime guarantee and is made from UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic. The metal hardware is solid brass or stainless steel. 


  • 18" diameter x 9.25"H
  • For use with standard-size Aspects feeders AND Big Tube feeders. See image for top view.
  • All Aspects' Domes and Seed Trays are guaranteed for life.
  • Molded from UV stabilized polycarbonate, the strongest and most durable plastic available.
  • Made in the USA
  • 351A

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