Birdhouse Predator Guard

predator guard by Wild Bird Trading Co.
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The Birdhouse predator guard installs easily over the entry hole of your birdhouse and protects nesting birds. Secure the heavy-duty plastic tube and perch over the birdhouse entryway to prevent intrusion by unwanted guests.  The additional 2.25″ depth prevents nest predators from reaching or pecking into the nest box and the 1.5" diameter opening accommodates Bluebirds and all smaller cavity nesting birds. This high-quality nest box accessory provides protection from Jays, raccoons, cats, crows, squirrels and more.


  • 4cm (1.5") inner diameter, 6cm (2.25") tube length.
  • Grey
  • Easy to install
  • Place bird eye over entry and attach the two screws (included).
  • Made in Canada

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