Premium Fruit & Nut Suet

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Give your backyard birds a treat with this premium suet from Mill Creek! This cornucopia of fruit, nuts and suet will be sure to attract not only woodpeckers, chickadees and nuthatches, but many other fruit and insect-eating birds like orioles, brown thrashers, catbirds and robins to your yard. Ingredients: Hazelnuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts, raisins, cranberries, papaya, peanut meal and Canadian beef suet. 


  • 333 grams each suet cake
  • Approximately size is 4½" x 5"
  • Made with the highest quality pesticide-free ingredients
  • Specially blended to provide the best nutrients for our Canadian Birds
  • Made in Ontario, Canada
  • Can be used with any of our Suet Suet Feeders 

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