ERVA Deck Hanger for Squirrel Buster

ERVA Deck Hanger for Squirrel Buster


Clamp on deck rail hook made specifically for the Squirrel Buster™. 

Allows feeder to hang at the correct distance to keep feeder squirrel proof.

Adjustable height. 

Extends 37"- 64" up. 20" Reach. The image above shows the hanger at it's lowest setting (40" up from deck rail). This product is designed for the BROME and other squirrel proof feeders requiring the 20" reach necessary to prevent squirrel access. This is the largest commercially available deck hanger on the market and will elevate large squirrel proof feeders to eye level. Tightens with thumb screw. Large clamp and tightening knob make installation easy.

*Feeder not included

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