Dragonfly Wingman Horse and Deer Fly Deterrent

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A simple, effective alternative to the arm-flailing method of shooing away deer flies and horseflies, this decoy mimics the look and behaviour of their voracious predator, the dragonfly. Clipped to your hat or backpack with the metal clip, it waggles and bobs on its wire, imitating a dragonfly’s natural quick, unpredictable flight patterns to ward off flies with the illusion of a threat.

Designed in Canada and tested in Ontario’s cottage country, it comes in various colours, depending on supply. If you’re worried that a bouncing dragonfly on your hat will look silly, consider the arm-flailing business mentioned earlier…


Deer & Horse flies are primarily visual hunters that are relentless in their pursuit of a blood meal. However, when they spot a dragonfly, their most feared predator they flee. The Dragonfly Wingman® simulates a real dragonfly in flight using a “scarecrow approach” that naturally fools these flies by tapping into Mother Nature’s predatory Laws!

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