Antimicrobial Copper Bird Bath Purification Disk

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Help keep your bath clean and healthy with the purifying qualities of pure copper. Chemical-free all natural 4" diameter copper water purification disk is 99.9% pure American made copper.

It’s designed to sit up off the floor of the bath with 3 “feet” to insure that the entire surface area of the disk is in contact with the bath water insuring maximum benefit.

The disk is made in the USA with copper sourced from Revere Copper, Rome New York. Tarnished copper does not lose any of its beneficial qualities.

Simply place in any bird bath for chemical free water purification.

The antimicrobial properties of copper surfaces are firmly established.

Copper has been used since ancient times to disinfect and purify water. In modern times many scientific studies have proven that copper alloys possess excellent potential in controlling the spread of infectious diseases. In fact, after rigorous testing, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registered copper alloys as antimicrobial public health materials.

Importantly, research by the University of Southampton, UK, shows that copper can virtually eliminate the Influenza A virus within six hours of exposure. This is an especially important finding because a member of this virus family is the virulent Avian Flu strain.

In addition to eliminating bacteria and viruses, copper has also been proven to destroy mold and algae. Adding an Erva Anti-Microbial Bird Bath Disk to your bird baths will facilitate cleansing and contribute to the health and safety of your visiting birds by eliminating water-borne pathogens.

How it works: The bactericidal activity of copper is mainly attributed to the release of ions, which are recognized by various microorganisms as an essential nutrient—and allowed to enter the cell. Once inside they affect the integrity of the membrane, generate intracellular oxidative stress and are genotoxic, meaning that the ions impede the cell from breathing, eating, digesting, or creating energy— resulting in the death of the microorganism. Antimicrobial copper continuously kills pathogens, even when tarnished.


  • Chemical-free 4" copper disk - just place it in your bird bath!
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses (yes, even Avain Flu!), mold, and algae
  • Will last for years, and works even when tarnished
  • Copper sourced in USA
  • Made in USA
  • Model CPD1

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