Feather Friendly Window Markers

Anti-Collision by Feather Friendly
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Collisions with residential glass surfaces account for a significant number of bird deaths annually - especially during migration seasons.  In order for birds to 'see the glass' and not collide, subtle visible markers must be applied to exterior glass surfaces in problem areas. Feather Friendly® ‘Do-It-Yourself’ marker tape allows you to apply the same solution at home that has proven to be successful in thousands of square feet of commercial building installations. 

WHITE MARKERS FOR REFLECTION: Reflection is when the surrounding habitat and sky are mirrored on the glass, causing the illusion of an environment that does not exist. If your glass has reflection, you will need the White Deterrent Markers, and they will need to be placed on the outside surface only to be effective (the surface where the reflection is happening).

BLACK MARKERS FOR FLY-THROUGH: Fly-Through is when birds can see a habitat or sky that really does exist on the other side but do not realize the glass is a solid barrier preventing them from reaching it. A clear glass railing or a glass walkway are perfect examples. If your glass has Fly-through, you will need the Black deterrent Markers, and they can be placed on either side of the glass.


  • One 100 ft. roll of Feather Friendly Residential Marker-Pattern Tape
  • Measuring Tapes (2)
  • Installation Instructions (click to view full installation instructions)
  • Marker-pattern Tape coverage: One 100 ft. roll protects a glass surface (2'.5 x 6'.5 feet) or (30" x 80" inches) or (16 square feet) of glass patio door, glass panel railing, or equivalent window area

For more coverage, select the 3-roll kit which comes with three rolls of 100 feet.

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