Seed Catcher

Seed Trays/Catchers by seed saucer
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Seed Saucer Clean & Green

While we all enjoy visitors to our seed feeders, the mess resulting from our feathered friends' poor dining etiquette is less appreciated. Empty shells and dropped seeds that accumulate on the ground not only look unsightly, but can kill patches of grass and attract unwelcome visitors.

This 16 3/4" diameter by 3 1/4" high saucer is large enough to catch and contain most dropped seeds. Made from UV-resistant, high-impact polypropylene, it is adaptable to most bird feeders under 7" in diameter that don't have a moving base (zinc-coated hanging hardware included). Drainage holes are small enough to keep in small seeds, such as niger, but larger holes can be drilled for better drainage.


  • 16 inches in diameter
  • Made in Canada
  • Saucer Dish
  • Screen
  • 4, Jack-Chains
  • 6, S-Hooks
  • 1, Eye-Screw

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