As we turn the corner into the middle of the month of August (yes, already), many of us are already thinking about the impending departure of many of our favourite summer visitors. While many are already leaving, many more are preparing for their fall migration, including hummingbirds.

As temperatures begin to cool, it is imperatively important to ensure our hummingbird feeders are cleaned and topped up with the very best food available. Despite their small stature, these little birds have requirements to not only help them with their day-to-day tasks but also to help them prepare for their long journey south.

Our Hummingbird Nectar

The unfortunate reality is many hummingbird nectar products on the market today can actually be quite harmful for our hummingbirds. Filled with unnecessary sugar and sweeteners, they have been proven to be more of a detriment to our hummers than a help.

Much like everything we source here at the store, we always strive to ensure our products are the very best available in terms of food quality and our plant-based, all natural hummingbird nectar is no exception.

Our nectar mix provides our hummingbirds with an extremely close substitute to flower nectar, what makes up their natural diet. Blended with care, this mix of sugars, vitamins and added nutrients is scientifically proven to be better for our little hummingbirds. With no added colouring, it removes the risk of possible harm these types of additives can sometimes have on our birds. While many used to believe that the red colour of these dyed nectars worked to attract hummingbirds, the fact remains that the traditional red colouring of most feeders on the market does more than enough to attract hummingbirds to your backyard.

It’s Easy

By simply adding hot water, our mixture is a breeze to prepare in the kitchen and can be a great activity to share with friends, family and loved ones, bringing them closer to nature and the birds we care about so dearly.

Aside from the easy nature of preparing this nectar, as with any sweet and sugary substance, proper preparation and care is required. Always ensure that your feeders are cleaned with hot water each time they are filled. They can also be paired with a simple ant moat that guarantees to keep insects and other unwanted guests from spoiling the nectar inside your feeders.

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