Enhancing our customer's backyard bird watching experience is what we have built our business upon and in doing so, we have been diligent in only associating ourselves with like-minded companies. As a supplier of hundreds of different products, we’ve spent the last five years (and many years prior) testing, tinkering and experimenting with a variety of products on the market today.

Our base product line of seed tube feeders truly is, what we believe to be, the very best product available to birders today. Manufactured by a company named Aspects, they too dedicate their business to manufacturing the best feeders possible, with the best interests of our beloved birds in mind. Made close-by in Rhode Island, all of their products come with their Lifetime Guarantee and donate a portion of their proceeds to wildlife conservation.
After working with this company and more importantly, testing their product, we made the easy decision to carry their feeders in both of our stores.

Here’s why…
As with any purchase, you should be evaluating the quality of the product and we can guarantee you, this is something the folks at Aspects take very seriously. Our tube feeders are constructed using only the very best in materials and paired with industry-leading engineering. The top and bottom of the feeders are adorned by heavy die-cast metal caps and the same is true for the bases of the feeder. As with many of our other products, the tube is made of a heavy-duty, UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic that is built to withstand both the elements and years of use.

This is where this feeder truly separates itself from the pack. With many tube feeders, especially those found in big box-type of retailers, they are simply designed to hold seed. While that is surely one of the main goals of any feeder, the proper care of that seed while inside the feeder and the feeders’ ability to preserve that seed makes all the difference.

These tube feeders are all built with Aspects’ Quick-Clean Seed system. This system is designed around the uniquely-engineered bridge at the bottom of the feeder which strategically pushes seed to the outside of the feeder toward the vented food ports. This reduces the risk of spoiled seed due to moisture from inclement weather while ensuring your backyard birds get every last bit of seed from your feeder.

When it is time to clean the feeder, the base of the feeder is easily removed without the use of tools, as is the case with many other feeders.

These feeders can easily be accessorized with either (or both) a seed tray or customized dome, each designed to fit these feeders specifically.

Have questions about these or any other feeders we carry? We’d love to hear from you, get us on social media, in the comments below or in person via phone or one of our convenient locations in Ottawa.


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