Walk into any avid birders backyard and you will likely be treated to a visual display of feeders, seed, baths, and wonderful habitat.  To someone new to the birding game, the sight of a variety of feeders either hanging in someone’s yard or inside one of our stores can leave them confused and full of questions.

With that very thought in mind, we ventured into business over five years ago with the goal of educating and informing both seasoned birders and those just coming into this fantastic hobby.  When it comes to feeders, we do indeed carry quite a few different styles in a number of different designs.  One of which, and perhaps one of our most popular styles of feeders, is our hopper and fly-through feeders.

In addition to their sturdy and aesthetically-pleasing designs, these large feeders are a great addition to any backyard.  That being said, one main risk many of us run when installing such a feeder is that we will often place these types of feeders in a location that works best for us.  In reality, choosing the proper placement of your hopper or fly-through feeder can make or break the success you eventually have feeding birds in your yard.



When it comes to these large feeders the list of benefits runs deep.  As we mentioned above, these feeders are a pleasure to behold and most models we carry in-store are all custom made locally here in the Ottawa area and in Western Ontario.  Made from Ontario white cedar using brass screws making them very durable and long lasting.  Their custom design ensures that no two feeders are exactly the same all the while supporting local artisans who hand-craft these feeders for the enjoyment of our birds.


Fly-Through Feeder

From a technical standpoint, often these feeders are also equipped with two styles of perches, accommodating multiple feeding styles, such as ground-feeding cardinals.  Often, they will be equipped with a perch located farther away from the feeding tray, designed to be used by larger birds, while smaller birds can easily perch on the perimeter of the tray in either style of feeder.

When it comes to preserving and extending the life of your seed, these feeders are tough to beat. Engineered with a grated floor, this allows air to naturally pass through the seed, keeping it dry preventing mold, our job is to keep these feeders clean. Every so often take the feeder down, empty them out, this helps to prevent disease spreading from bird to bird. In addition to the proper ventilation, our models are also equipped with, thick and durable roofing with a large overhang that also plays a vital role in keeping your seed dry in inclement weather conditions.


Hopper Bird Feeders in our store.

These feeders are also designed to be mounted atop one of our pole systems, which, when equipped with a squirrel baffle and proper placement, are guaranteed to keep squirrels out of your feeders at all times.

If you have any questions about these feeders or any other feeders you might have come across in your bird watching journey, feel free to ask in the comments section below, give us a call or drop us an email.

We’d be happy to help!


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