Now that July is upon us, the hazy days of summer are here and for some of us, that means changing gears with regards to feeding our birds.  In addition to keeping water sources fresh and full on an almost daily basis, there are a number of products we proudly carry that are specifically formulated for the hot summer months.

Ensuring your birds have everything they need during July and August is one way to keep your resident birds local and keep them healthy as we progress into the soon-coming fall migration.

Seasonal Bird Seed


We are a proud distributor of Mill Creek’s non-GMO, no waste, no filler bird seed products and have built our business around it.  When it comes to the summer months, nothing beats the quality and versatility of the Seasons bird seed blend.  This nutritionally-perfect formula is designed to meet the needs of your backyard birds throughout the year and the summer blend containing over 30 ingredients dials down the carbohydrates with increased levels of protein to keep your birds healthy during the summer.

This seed is available in two formats: our Seasonal Woodland blend, for those living in a more rural setting and our Seasonal Urban blend designed more for city-dwelling folks and their backyard birds.

Summer Suet


It might seem out-of-season, but utilizing suet in the summer months is a great addition to any backyard bird feeding effort.  There is one caveat:  you need to ensure you are using the right suet during the hot summer months.

As temperatures increase, many suet products fall victim to spoilage, melting, and waste, leading to problems for both you and your birds.  To answer this problem, we carry a specifically-formulated summer suet product that can withstand the heat.

This no-melt suet has an increased melting point and includes ground peanuts and suet to attract woodpeckers, nuthatches and other birds throughout the summer.



T’is the season for fresh fruit!  As we move into the summer months, locally grown produce such as fresh fruit becomes more readily available and can serve as a delectable and refreshing treat for many bird species.  Orioles love to snack on fresh oranges, and slices of apple or banana will bring out the Cardinals, tanagers and other colourful birds.


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