In addition to their striking orange plumage, their mesmerizing whistling sound is why many of us love the sight or sound of Baltimore Orioles in and around our backyards.  While there are many chances to see these birds visiting your feeders, there are also a number of ways you can not only increase your odds but ensure that they continue to return and become a fixture for the summer months.

Here are a few easy ways to both attract and keep Orioles hanging around your yard well into the fall season.



Quick.  What do you think when you think of an Oriole?

The colour orange is usually the first thing to pop into the minds of most birders when this bird is mentioned and is actually one of the better ways to also attract them.  Utilizing a feeder that is orange in colour is a great way to attract these birds as they are drawn to bright colours.  Bright fruit and nectar-bearing plants are also a great addition to your yard if you want to catch a glimpse of more Orioles, as they love to snack on raspberries and other fruit-filled plants.


Another sure-fire attractant would be using the actual fruit, which also bears the colour orange.  Oranges are one of the Orioles favourite snacks, but be sure to only serve fresh and ripe samples, as they tend to be somewhat picky about the fruit they consume.

We carry a variety of different oriole feeders that are not only orange in color, but can also house fresh orange slices!

Nectar Feeders

Just like our high-energy friend, the hummingbird, the Baltimore Oriole also has an affinity for nectar, the problem being, they are just too big to perch on traditional hummingbird feeders.  Solve this problem with a nectar feeder equipped with a perch, allowing orioles to safely land and consume that sugary substance they love so much and prevent them from spilling the nectar reserved for small hummingbirds.

Other Feeding Tips

Another fruit-like substance these birds love is grape jelly.  Many birders choose to mix the jelly with a small amount of water to give it a more syrup-like consistency and to avoid the birds from getting their wings too sticky.

Any feed you do put out for Orioles should be reserved for a relatively secluded area of your yard.  These solitary birds keep to themselves and will often take some time around a new feeder before they are completely comfortable.


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