If you’ve been following us for any period of time, you are well aware our expertise and passion extends far beyond the beautiful world of birding. While we certainly love our birds and everything about them (and will continue to!), our true passion lies in the great outdoors and the wonderful nature that surrounds it.

As avid birders, we are also avid outdoor enthusiasts taking advantage to get outside whether locally here in Almonte and the surrounding area or escaping to the woods at our camp in the Ottawa Valley.

One of the great gifts of residing here in the Ottawa area is the access we all have to nature. From looking out of the windows of our home and enjoying our backyard birds or strapping on a pack to go for a hike on some nearby nature trails, we are never terribly disconnected from nature and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As such, we have started to expand our product offering ever so slightly over the past twelve months to scratch that itch, so to speak. We began with smaller products built for the outdoor lifestyle and have expanded into more camping gear.

Take, for example, our new campfire grills. These are a wonderful edition to any outdoor enthusiasts’ arsenal and come in two different sizes depending on your need and ability to pack with you on any wild trek.

Moving beyond that, we have been working with a new partner at Council Tools. For those that might not have heard about them, they are a family-owned and operated business now into their fourth and fifth generation of family operation (impressive, right?). Started back in 1886, Council Tools set out to create the most innovative hand tools on the market built with an unmatched craftsmanship that still carries on today.

Council Axes

As such, we are proud to announce that we have recently become an authorized distributor of these world-class products and having tested them in the field, can attest to their durability and overall quality.

Built for overall wood-craft, these axes are sufficient in cutting, carving, splitting, shaving, hewing, hammering and are perfect for fire-starting for those constantly in search of their next outdoor adventure.

Each of these axes is crafted using a premium curved hickory handle featuring an unmatched attention to detail in every aspect of its design. Ensuring the utmost in strength and durability, you can look to the bottom of the handle and notice the grain of the wood running in tandem with the head of the axes, rather than the other way around.

Each of these axes is equipped with a heat-treated steel head and comes with a leather sheath for protection during transport.

These axes are designed to be packed on any adventure, featuring convenient straps and turrets for securing to most outdoor packs.

For more information, stop and see us. We’d love to walk you through these beautiful pieces of North American workmanship.

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